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Get out and ride! RPM Yamaha Guam will get you started with your sport scooter adventures. Whether it’s a fun weekend leisure ride or whether you want to rent a 155cc scooter for the DMV Motorcycle Road Test to get a Guam motorcycle license, we’ve got some great options for you.

Rental prices:

  1. 125CC Scooter $85.00 for 24 hours (no motorcycle license required)
  2. 155CC Scooter $95.00 for 24 hours (motorcycle license required)

155cc Scooter Rentals for the DMV Road Test for a Guam Motorcycle License

RPM Yamaha Guam
RPM Yamaha Guam

RPM Yamaha has special authorization from the Guam DMV to rent 155cc scooters to riders who wish to take the road test in order to get a Guam Motorcycle License.


If you wish to rent one of our 155cc scooters for the road test or to practice riding, here is the process:


Step 1:  Sign up and schedule your motorcycle permit written test at the Guam DMV in Barrigada. Here’s the Guam Motorcycle Permit Guide to help you study for the written test.


Step 2:  Take and pass your written test for your motorcycle permit

Step 3:  After you pass the written motorcycle test and get the permit, you then need to go back to the DMV and get a date for the road test.


Step 4:  Once the DMV confirms your road test date, please come down to RPM Yamaha with your paperwork and motorcycle permit from DMV and make a payment of US$175.00 which includes the following:

  1. Practice for the road test at RPM Yamaha’s facility on an identical course that DMV uses for the test.  You will be assigned an SMAX Yamaha 155cc Scooter and you can practice for an hour a day at the test course at our facility (any time between 10:00am and 4:00pm) for 5 days (Monday-Friday) during the week of your test.
  2. On Friday, the day before your test, you will need to pick up the scooter before 5:00pm and take it home because the next morning you would need to be at the DMV at 6:30am to take the motorcycle road test.  Once you are done with the road test, the scooter will need to be returned to RPM Yamaha by 9:00 am when we open.





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